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CCTV Security System.

CCTV Systems offer the visual intelligence needed to access critical locations. It not only provides a visible crime deterrent but it can be designed to keep inventory, personnel, and facilities safe. Wizard Works Security applies our more than 25 years of security system experience to design, recommend, and install the “right” system for you. Wizard Works only recommends and represents the top CCTV manufacturers.

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The Advantages Of IP Video

IP cameras are cost-efficient for projects. In addition, IP cameras can cover more area than analog cameras, so you can utilize fewer cameras. They come in a variety of types: 90°, 180°, 270°, & 360°. This allows for greater coverage using less cameras.

The high resolution of the IP cameras also provides a higher image quality for monitoring and identification purposes. The added benefits of AI embedment helps identify people, vehicles, and possible threats faster, allowing your staff to respond quicker. IP NVRs (Network Video Recorders) have greater storage space and can be accessed remotely for viewing and playback, giving you more flexibility.

Quality CCTV Systems, Inc. (QCS) has been working with IP cameras for more than a decade and our technicians are factory-trained and experienced with several different brands of IP cameras.