automatic gate system for building parking

Compliance UL325.

Wizard Works Security Systems understands the importance of providing and installing safe products. We are Certified Automatic Gate Operator Installers (CAGOI) and Certified Automatic Gate System Designers (CAGSD) UL325 dictates the safety requirements for all automatic gates. All automatic gates must be brought up to UL325 standards, there are no exceptions.

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Our Standards

The standard to which vehicular gate operators are designed, manufactured, and tested is UL 325; Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Standard for Safety: Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, and Window Operators and Systems. In addition to the UL 325 standard, vehicular gate operators must also be tested to UL 991; Tests for Safety-Related Controls Employing Solid-State Devices.

The UL 325 Standard has undergone significant revisions over the past several years. The purpose of the revisions is to create entrapment prevention criteria for vehicular gate operators and systems and to increase the overall safety of the product. The standard also calls for specific construction specifications for the vehicular gate itself (see ASTM F2200-02).

Keep in mind that this and other safety standards are written for YOUR protection. All new gate systems installed by Wizard Works are Ul 325 compliant. If you have an existing system, and to ensure UL 325 safety, Wizard Works will present you with different options for certain safety devices that are necessary to ensure a safe gate system. We STRONGLY suggest that you discuss these options with us and heed our recommendations regarding entrapment prevention devices and gate construction criteria. You should also refer to the manufacturer’s installation manual for more information on the safety provisions and requirements of your vehicular gate system. Some (but not all) of these safety devices and gate construction criteria are listed below.

safety blueprint for sliding gateway construction
safety blueprint for swinging gateway construction

Safety & Construction.

Refer to ASTM-F2200-02 for more information on the construction of the gate and associated hazards.

You should never install or have installed on your property, a vehicular gate operator that does not carry the “MARK” of a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) such as ETL or UL. This assures you that an independent third-party testing laboratory has tested the gate operator and has met all the safety requirements of the UL 325 safety standard.

What's Included