Young female driver using automated parking service to enter into underground garage.

WWSSI Services.

At a time when your gate is stuck open, or your access control pad is not registering, or your camera 10 is off-line, or your gate is not compliant, or you just need to ask a question, Wizard Works Is here to help. Feel free to call, email, or send a request. We strive to answer all questions and provide service calls within 24-48 hours.
pedestrian gate access walkway

Maintenance Agreements.

Wizard Works Security offers preventative maintenance contracts to all of our customers to ensure the proper functioning of gates, CCTV, and access control systems. We make certain that all of the components within these systems are working properly and we replace damaged or excessively worn parts at a discounted price. Ensure that your security system is in top performance and choose the preventative maintenance contract that is right for you.

Maintenance Agreements Prevent: